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The Minimalist: A Side Sleeper Pregnancy Pillow

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All the benefits of a massive pregnancy pillow, without taking up your whole bed!

Our minimalistic pregnancy pillow will let you get your first full night of sleep in ages! It's just the right size to relieve your hip and back pain without becoming a burden. You'll barely notice it's there! And your hubby will be glad he actually gets room on the bed;)

The symmetrical wedge design gives you full freedom of mobility during the night. You can toss and turn all you like without having to rearrange an array of pillows! It will always be positioned just right, making sure you are as comfortable as possible. 

The best part is you'll finally get relief from that awful hip and back pain. Since you aren't locked into one position all night, you're not going cramp up. So when morning comes around you'll be able to sit up pain-free!

Perfectly cradles your hips, supports your bump, and relieves your back

Keeps you on your side - Side sleeping is incredibly important during pregnancy. It makes sure your baby is getting optimal blood flow and oxygen. 

Relieves hip and back pain - It provides just the right amount of support to relieve your hips and back from the burden of that big bump. 

Soft and Cushy - It's not a hard wedge! The soft cotton filling makes your bump feel like its floating in clouds.  

No rearranging necessary  - It will stay in place when you flip from side to side, making sure you are as comfortable as possible through the night. 

Doesn't take over your whole bed - Our pregnancy pillow is just enough and nothing more. It let's you sleep with your hubby, and your favorite head pillow!

Fully adjustable - You can change the distance between the two wedges so that the pillow perfectly matches the size of your bump!


What's included: 1 adjustable double wedge pillow, and one additional baby wedge.  
 Cotton fabric and stuffing. 
Size: Total length ~ 22 inches. Each pillow ~ 14 inches x 10 inches x 6 inches