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Momma's Elegant Maternity Dress

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"No Way That's A Maternity Dress!"

Nothing seems to fit right! 

Almost all your clothes are the ‘wrong size’ and the ones that do fit, look like something a granny would wear. Sound familiar? 

Just like our bras, our dresses in color black are designed to keep the perfect fit’ throughout your pregnancy.

As you ‘grow’, so will our dresses - without feeling restrictive or adding unwanted pressure.It'll keep you super comfy and cute throughout the day (you might even forget you're wearing it).

And oh boy.. It does all that without looking like maternity wear. It really is a combination of the best of both worlds - the comfort our bras are famous for and the sexy, confidence-inspiring maternity clothing mommas love. 

Nobody will know you're wearing a maternity dress except you and you'll be suuuper comfy the whole time you're wearing it.  

Already nursing? Our tanks have easily detachable front clips for convenient & discreet breast feeding.

  • No bra needed! Our dresses gently support your breasts without any discomfort, even when you’re sore

  • Breathable & smooth for maximum comfort throughout the day