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Momma's Comfy Maternity Leggings

So Comfy Mommas Forget They’re Even Wearing Them!

They’re the super comfy, maternity version of your favorite leggings :) 

Automatically Fits Your Body

Made with a super-stretchy material, our leggings grow with you as your belly bump and legs grow.

No matter how much, or how little you grow during pregnancy, our leggings will comfortably match your size - without feeling too tight or restrictive.

And since they’re so adaptable, you’ll be able to wear them long after your kiddos are born! They really are a great long-term investment.

You’ll Wonder If You’re Wearing Them

Wearing anything during pregnancy - for the most part - sucks, and we totally understand that.

Our leggings in color Charcoal are made to feel like you’ve wrapped yourself in a soft, velvety smooth blanket right out of the dryer.

Put ‘em on and within a few minutes, you’ll forget you’re even wearing them.

  • Can be worn during any trimester, postpartum, or years after
  • Breathable to keep you from sweating, yet warm enough to keep you cozy
  • Tight enough to support you, but loose enough to be comfy (without sagging)
  • Won’t slide down or irritate your bump
  • Stays stretchy after multiple washes
  • Naturally anti-odor
  • Very durable and thick enough to keep everything hidden 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I wear them when sleeping?

A: Yes, our leggings are very comfortable and won't bother you during sleep.


Q: Can I work out in these?

A: Yep! Our leggings are super breathable and non-restrictive, so they're perfect for everything from weightlifting to running! However, we don't recommend them for swimming ;)

Q: What's my maternity size for these?

A: Order your regular size, our leggings are very adaptable.

Q: Do they have any pockets?

A: Unfortunately not.