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Breast Milk Storage Bags (100 pcs)

Let your milk flow freely with these bags that are convenient and designed to securely hold breast milk that stays fresh longer.

Best to use with our Stashy - 2pcs Milk Collector Shells, never ever waste any liquid gold again!

Why do Moms love this?

If you regularly pump to build your milk stash, these bags are ideal for storing the huge amounts of milk you're collecting.

Bonus Mommy Powers:

Safe liquid stash. Made of non-toxic, BPA-free, plastic material. Ensuring that you and your little one are safe.

Premium quality. Extra thick sides for durability and it’s reusable! Prevents leaks or bursts, lays flat for storage, stands on its own for pours, and provides ample space for measurements and labeling.

Spill-proof. Transfer from bag to bottle is as seamless and spill-proof as possible, thanks to a tear-and-pour spout that will help you from not spilling. Best for when traveling as it takes up less room than bottles do.

Thick material. Featuring a double zipper lock, reinforced seams, and a thick plastic that won’t accidentally get torn by rogue items in your freezer

Life is so much easier when your freezer storage bags can hold all the frozen goodness you pump!

Package Includes: 100 Breast Milk Storage Bag
Material: Non-toxic & BPA-free plastic
Capacity: 6 oz

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