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4pcs Silicone Table Corner Protector


  • L-shaped and double layer, with a middle hollow buffer layer, better anti-collision effect;
  • Made of flexible PVC, safe and beautiful to let the baby and your family from the collision;
  • Not influence the overall furniture shape;
  • Be applied to the general family in the table corner, bed corner, bookcase, stair corner, and other dangerous position;
  • Material: soft PVC resin
  • Size: 4x4cm/1.6x1.6in
  • Quantity: 4 pcs/bag


Installation and use tips:

1. Clean the table corner before using
2. Stick on the table to use double-faced adhesive, place the crash pad in the right place and press it tightly.

3. When not using, take off slightly and you can use a hot cloth to wipe the remaining residue.


Delivery time: 10 business days
Email: support@ninemonthssober.com