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3 pcs Nippy - Breastfeeding Nipple Shield

Comfy days are here for breastfeeding mommies!

We’re bringing you the shield you need the most. Don’t let sore nipples prevent you from providing your baby with your valuable breast milk. Soreness away!

Why do Moms love this?

You will be able to complete your breastfeeding journey and offer the best nutrition to your baby. Even if you have inverted or flat nipples, they can still breastfeed with nipple shields.

Bonus Mommy Powers:

✨Easy breastfeeding. Made of a thin piece of silicone that is placed on your nipple so that your baby can feed at the breast. It provides a definitive shape for mom’s nipple, making it easy to latch onto. All that baby has to do is open his/her mouth and start sucking.

✨No More Pain. Allows your baby to continue nursing until the nipple pain or challenges you are experiencing with the breasts/nipples are resolved.

Breastfeed for a longer duration. Protects your nipples during baby teething and also helps transition to bottle-feeding.

Shield up! Say goodbye to challenges and hello to an easy and healthy breastfeeding time with your baby.

Package Includes: 3 x Nipple Shield + 3 x Travel protective case
Material: Food Grade Silicone Material, BPA Free, Non-toxic & Reusable.
Measurement: 3.1 x 2.3 in - (8 x 5.8 cm)
Size: One size fits all

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