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October 07, 2021 2 min read

How often do you wish you could save all that precious liquid gold when it dribbles down? How many times have you wished that your bra was built in such a way that it can catch all those drips?

It can be a very frustrating feeling when new moms notice milk stains on their tops or shirts. Breast milk is essentially as valuable as gold, moms mentally will their bodies to produce more milk for their baby but sometimes the milk leaks out when you don’t want it to. 

If you’re sick of ruining your shirts and watching precious milk go to waste, you should consider trying the Stashy. These prevent chafing and allow your nipples to heal between feedings.

Stashy is a revolutionary product that will change your life. It offers toextract more milk than the natural lactation process by simply popping these collector shells inside your bra to save every drop. You will feel light suction as it gently maximizes the amount of breast milk leakage it catches as you carry on with your day. Once you have finished collecting your let-down, open the plug on top and safely pour your milk into a container or bottle.

Breast milk is nutritive but creating it can be dehydrating, exhausting, and even painful. There is pride in every milliliter and ounce produced which is why Stashy is dedicated to capturing making sure you are not losing a drop of that precious milk to your bra. 

This must-have will let you have more time to enjoy your child and keep up with other activities while still meeting your breastfeeding goals. The best part is it keeps your clothes clean and dry from moisture and stains!

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