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November 03, 2021 1 min read

Babies heads are delicate and some tend to develop a flat head syndrome when they lie on their backs all the time that is why a proper cushion is a must to reduce the opportunity of a flathead disorder. The Baby Pillowplays an important role in shaping babies head. It also provides babies a comfortable surface while they are sleeping. 

Nine Months Sober's Baby Pillowis designed especially for infants. A simple and easy-to-use solution for babies to lay comfortably. Simply place it under the baby's head. This amazing pillow helps keep the baby's head somewhat raised and upholds the neck while the baby rests or sleeps. The shape is also designed to equally distribute pressure around the infant's head and helps in molding the baby's head to a proper shape.

The Baby Pillow is made of 100% washable cotton and Polyester filling. The concave center is designed for flat head prevention. The size is just enough to be used and carried anywhere in strollers, carriers, swing, etc. Plus, the baby pillow is washable ensuring it to always be clean and fresh.

Now your baby can rest comfortably, without Mommas having worry.

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