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September 03, 2021 3 min read

Baby pillows are an essential part of baby care. When your baby is just starting to sleep, he or she will need a little bit of support. It is best for a baby's soft skin, to not be able to move around all that much while sleeping but to have something that can keep him or her comfortable and secure. There are several different types of pillows out there that you can purchase. There is also an assortment of products available on the Internet.

Many of the pillows for babies are designed to help prevent plagiocephaly. Plagiocephaly is when there is a difference between the length and breadth of the bones of the skull and the ears of babies. This can eventually lead to a condition where babies will have very large heads. Babies with plagiocephaly will often be very heavy. Many baby pillows now have an extra filling with antibacterial and anti-fungal properties.

Some baby loungers have a quilting or plush option. These pillows are nice because they help keep the baby's head from getting so hot that it may feel like it’s being steamrolled over. A baby lounger may also have a memory foam option. They will mold to the shape of the baby's head. This will help keep the baby's head from feeling sore, from being uncomfortable, and from making it hard to get to sleep at night.

The best pillows for babies are made from organic cotton and hypoallergenic materials. Many baby pillows can cause an allergic reaction if a child touches them. Baby pillows that are made with organic cotton are less likely to cause allergic reactions. They will also be softer on sensitive skin and can help prevent rashes.

When you look for a good baby pillow, you should pay attention to the unique filling. It should provide superior comfort, support, and safety. It should mold to the unique shape of your baby's head, to ensure there is no slipping or sagging. The pillow should also have a removable cover so you can clean it easily and replace the foam whenever it becomes too old or dirty.

Memory foam pillows are the most popular for newborns. They are perfect in helping to promote a natural sleep pattern in this delicate stage of development. Memory foam is a visco-elastic foam that has the ability to change in shape to fit the shape of a baby's head. This means your baby won't be bumping into his own head all night long. As your baby grows, the pillow comes to resemble his head, becoming firmer and shapelier. This makes sleeping more comfortable.

There are also special baby pillows for flatheads. Babies often grow into their heads after about thirty days of age. At this time, the soft hair-like cells can sometimes stick out a bit. A pillow designed for flat spots can help to pull these cells together so they don't stick out. This ensures that the baby's hair doesn't stick up wherever he wants it to.

Some parents prefer a crib bumper as well. A crib bumper is very similar to a baby pillow. It is also meant to provide support for your baby while he sleeps in his cradle. The difference lies in the crib bumper's very tiny size. It fits perfectly snugly against the mattress and prevents the baby's head, neck, and other parts of his body from getting uncomfortable pressure points. This is most important for infants, as they sleep more than older children do.

The last kind of baby pillow is a "stretching pillow". These pillows are meant to offer support to your infant while he is lying flat. Usually, these are used for newborns or infants who are still having their diapers on. However, they can also be useful for those who are beginning to go to sleep in cribs, or those who are still using a stroller.

Stretching pillows look like regular pillows, but they have a special ingredient that gives them their shape. There are three shapes they come in: triangular, rectangular, and square. Each type has an additional ingredient which makes them easier to make. For example, a triangular pillow is made with foam and has two foam panels instead of just one panel. Also, a rectangular pillow is made with memory foam and has a double-sided foam panel instead of just one. Finally, a square pillow has only one side made of foam, and the rest is simply plain fabric.

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